About Us?

We are a team of young game enthusiasts with a passion for creating unique puzzles and games. We have always been captivated by video games and stories of mystery, fantasy, and horror. While the sense of adventure they bring is exhilarating we struggled to feel like more than just spectators. That is why we created Elite Escape Games, where thrilling scenarios come to life in realistic environments and the players become the heroes/heroines of the story.

Our mission is to redefine gaming in an innovative and fun way. We love sharing our creations with the world by delivering a one of a kind interactive adventure experience. Our puzzles are complex and will challenge your logic, detective instincts, and creativity. No matter what scenario you choose we promise to bring families, friends, teammates, and travelers closer together. We are the place where amazing memories are made!

Why Go?

Company Event

Traditional company events and team building exercises can be effective but often fall short of expectations. If you are searching for a fun and exciting way to build bonds with your coworkers and colleagues then look no further! Learn the art of teamwork as you navigate our rooms, filled with brain-wrecking puzzles and rewarding challenges. Believe us, it's much better than a trust fall.

Date Night

Bringing your date to dinner and a movie is a little played out. Why not try something different and exciting? Nothing is more romantic than spending an hour locked in “Undead Outbreak” with that special someone! Test your chemistry with our special mix of puzzles and challenges. Disclaimer :We are not responsible for frustrated significant others.

Family Fun

Tired of seeing your family binge on Netflix or bury themselves in social media? Delving into our immersive game scenarios is sure to fix that. Work together to uncover the military secrets in Area 51 or spend quality time fighting off the zombie horde. Either way, your family is sure to have a fun bonding experience while you work together try to escape.


Visiting Charleston and looking to have a more memorable experience? You can search high and low but you won't find a more unique and exciting experience than ours. Our puzzles and games are one of a kind and cannot be found anywhere else. Kick back and spend your holiday with Elite Escape Games. We promise you will have some amazing stories to tell when you return home.


Four rooms, four unique play styles. Every room of ours provides you with challenges and fun. Our concept is made for all ages and groups. We designed our puzzles for intense cooperation to inspire people to work together. In every room of ours you will face a series of challenges that you must solve within 60 minutes. Think you can do it?!

Undead Outbreak zombie @ Elite Escape Games

Undead Outbreak

An outbreak of a devastating virus has ravaged Charleston county, transforming infected humans into brain-eating zombies.

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Escape Area 51 @ Elite Escape Games

Escape Area 51

For decades, reports have surfaced of crashed alien spacecraft, strange sightings, and shadowy government projects.

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Meltdown @ Elite Escape Games


WARNING : REACTOR CORE REACHING CRITICAL MASS IN 60 MINUTES. You're responsible for preventing nuclear meltdown.

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Derailed @ Elite Escape Games


NEWS BULLETIN : The infamous villain “Loco-Motive” has hijacked a subway train and has taken the passengers hostage.

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Please consider that you have to book the entire room if you would like to be the only ones to play the room. For groups larger than 8 please contact us.

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Real-life room escape games are brain teaser activities where participants find themselves in a realistic environment full of puzzles, locked doors, and challenges. You will have to work as a team to solve all of the puzzles and escape in under 60 minutes.
It depends on your performance. You will have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape the final room. If you're cunning enough you might even find yourself on our record board.
Don't worry, our staff will be there to help. They constantly monitor the game through a series of cameras and can provide hints when necessary.
No, however we require children under the age of 18 are accompanied by an adult.
The story, theme and puzzles make each scenario a completely unique experience.
The scenarios were created to be as realistic as possible, however we are NOT a haunted house and actors won't be jumping out of the shadows to scare you.
Yes! We are happy to organize corporate/team events and birthday parties. If you would like to do something unique and exciting then you found the right place. Group rates are available.
Tons of parking is available right in our plaza.
Yes. We use the reliable third-party booking system “Bookeo”. Click “Book Now” to be redirected to their website. You can view all available dates and times and complete your reservation quickly and easily.

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