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About Us

We are a team of young game enthusiasts and storytellers with a passion for creating unique puzzles and games. We have always been captivated by video games and stories of mystery, fantasy, and horror. While the sense of adventure they bring is exhilarating, we struggled to feel like more than just spectators. That is why we created Elite Escape Games: to give thrill-seekers a fully immersive experience that allows them to become heroes/heroines in their own story.

Our mission is to redefine gaming in an innovative and fun way. We love sharing our creations with the world by delivering an unforgettable experience that is sure to challenge your logic, detective instincts, and creativity. No matter what scenario you choose – we promise to bring families, friends, teammates, and travelers closer together while providing you with one of a kind memorable adventure!

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Why play with
Elite Escape Games Charleston

Company Event

Traditional company events and team building exercises can be effective but often fail to live up to their hype.


Looking for a truly memorable experience in Charleston? You can search high and low but you won’t find a more unique and exciting experience than ours.


The dinner-and-a-movie date is so last century. Why not try something different and memorable?


Escape from the room with a team of your colleagues for an unforgettable experience. You’ll learn new things about each other, work on your communication skills and create bonds of trust that will help you tackle challenges together in the future.

Family Fun

Tired of seeing your family binge on Netflix or bury themselves in social media? Diving into our immersive game scenarios will transport you to exciting new worlds.


You’re adept at solving complex puzzles and you’ve proven your ability to unlock that next level online. But can you perform in real life? Turn the intensity up a notch with a LIVE escape game.

Our Reviews

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We took our grown children here over the holidays and signed up for the Meltdown challenge. So fun to watch my children (and their parents) work together to solve.
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Myself and 5 friends went to Elite Escape Games and did the Escape Area 51 challenge. I cannot tell you how much fun we had! Our host Daniel was super friendly, and added to the overall great rating for this establishment.
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So our teenage son and two teenage friends of his went to try the Zombie room at Elite Escape Games. They enjoyed it so much and kept talking about it on the ride home (instead of getting on their phones).


What is an escape game?
Real-life room escape games are brain teaser activities where participants find themselves in a realistic environment full of puzzles, locked doors, and challenges. You will have to work as a team to solve all of the puzzles and escape in under 60 minutes.
How long does it take to complete the game?
It depends on your performance. You will have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape the final room. If you’re cunning enough you might even find yourself on our record board.
What happens if I cannot solve a puzzle?
Don’t worry, our staff will be there to help. They constantly monitor the game through a series of cameras and can provide hints when necessary.
Is there an age limit?
No, however we require children under the age of 18 are accompanied by an adult.
Is each scenario different?
The story, theme and puzzles make each scenario a completely unique experience.
Are your games scary?
The scenarios were created to be as realistic as possible, however we are NOT a haunted house and actors won’t be jumping out of the shadows to scare you.
Do you host team building events and birthday parties?
Yes! We are happy to organize corporate/team events and birthday parties. If you would like to do something unique and exciting then you found the right place. Group rates are available.
Where should we park?
Tons of parking is available right in our plaza.
Should we make reservations?
Yes. We use the reliable third-party booking system “Bookeo”. Click “Book Now” to be redirected to their website. You can view all available dates and times and complete your reservation quickly and easily.
Am I allowed to bring my infant/toddler?
Yes. We use the reliable third-party booking system “Bookeo”. Click “Book Now” to be redirected to their website. You can view all available dates and times and complete your reservation quickly and easily.
May we bring food/drink into our game?
Unfortunately do to the sensitive nature of our special effects we are not able to permit food or beverages in the game rooms.

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