Escape Room in Charleston - The Best Escape Room Experience in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina | Exit Room at Elite Escape Games - South Carolina
Escape Room in Charleston - The Best Escape Room Experience in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina | Exit Room at Elite Escape Games - South Carolina

Exit Room at Elite Escape Games – South Carolina

Have you ever imagined yourself stuck in an exit room and needing to use your wits to escape?

If you are in South Carolina, you are in for a real treat. Elite Escape Games’ escape rooms are some of the most exciting and interesting, and people can have fun in all of them. 

Here, we’ll learn about Elite Escape Games and discover why they are the best thing for you and your friends to do together.


What Is an Escape Room?


Escape rooms are a type of real-life adventure game where players are locked in a room with a theme, like a science lab, a haunted house, or an ancient temple, and have a set amount of time to solve puzzles and complete tasks in order to get out. 


About two to ten other people work with you most of the time, which is a lot like being in a live-action video game. This is like being in a real-life situation where your ability to work with others and solve problems is really put to the test.


Why Should You Choose Elite Escape Games in South Carolina?


Elite Escape Games has themes that are unique and come in a lot of different types. No matter if they like scary stories, science fiction, adventures, or mysteries, everyone can find something they like. It is a great place for many kinds of events, such as:


  • Company Events and Team Building
  • Tourists
  • Fun Date Night
  • Family Fun
  • Gamers and Geeks


Furthermore, Elite Escape Games is different from others because we use cutting edge technology. We have high-tech gadgets and engaging parts in the rooms that make you feel like you are really in the movie and enhance the overall experience. 


These modern features make the experience more interesting and real, so you can be sure that your time in our escape room will be one that you will never forget.


Popular Escape Room Themes at Elite Escape Games


Here, you can get lost in a lot of different exciting and interesting themes that are made to suit a lot of different tastes. In an escape room, you can find something that fits your interests, whether you want to find secrets, deal with your fears, or solve puzzles. 


Here are our popular themes that you can enjoy:


1. Undead Outbreak

People have turned into zombies because of an outbreak of a terrible virus, and your group is currently hiding in a research facility. You have sixty minutes to figure out the strange puzzles and get away before the horde breaks through the barricades. Keep an eye out for places where you have to crawl through small spaces and sudden loud noises.


2. Escape Area 51

Do an investigation into the top-secret Area 51 and learn the truth about the plots involving aliens. You have just one hour left to tell everyone the secrets before your memory is erased for good. Since there are some parts of this game with grated floors, you shouldn’t wear heels.


3. Dinosauria

You have been taken to the ancient island of Dinosauria in this game and are supposed to find and lock up DNA samples in an old, run-down study center. You have to call for the chopper to come get you within an hour, or you could get stuck.


4. Derailed

“Loco-Motive,” a bad guy, has taken over a subway train and wired it with explosives. Your team has sixty minutes to find the bomb and stop it from going off so that the passengers can be saved. Four or more people are needed to go through this realistic escape room that looks and feels like a real train.


5. Bone Chillers Cabin

You are about to walk into a creepy cabin that is way out in the middle of nowhere. Body parts that have been cut up and have a terrible past can be found in the freezer. This is the scariest game that Elite Escape Games has ever created, and it is packed with spine-chilling moments and eerie surprises.


6. The Epic Game Show

We invite you to join an exciting real-life game show where new ideas are honored and everyone has a chance to be the star of the show. This activity makes sure that everyone will enjoy themselves and be excited about the event. It’s perfect for special occasions, date nights, or corporate team-building activities.





Wheel of Fortune
An image of a Wheel of Fortune, one of the games in Elite’s Epic Game Show.

How to Prepare for and Do Well in an Escape Room

Getting ready for the adventure is just as important in an escape room as what you do inside. When you prepare properly and use the right strategies, you can increase your chances of success and make the experience more fun. 


Here are some tips on how to get ready for an escape room and how to do well once you’re inside.


1. Assemble Your Team

Choose your teammates wisely. Your success may depend on the fact that you have a wide range of skills and personalities. There are many types of puzzles and challenges, and having a diverse group of people can help you deal with them better.


2. Understand the Rules

This is very important: make sure that everyone on your team knows the rules before you start. This way, you can be sure that your experience will go smoothly and be enjoyable, with no interruptions or uncertainty.


3. Dress Comfortably

Because you’ll be moving around a lot, make sure your shoes and clothes are comfortable. As you work to solve the puzzles, you don’t want anything to take your attention away. Wearing clothes that are practical will help you stay focused and agile.


4. Effective Communication

When you’re in an escape room, talking to other people is very important. Make it a point for everyone to share their ideas and discoveries with the group. Communication that is clear and constant will help you avoid doing the same things over and over again and get things done faster.


5. Time Management

Watch the time carefully. Being able to handle your time well can mean the difference between being able to escape and getting trapped. You should be smart with your time and move on to the next task if you can’t figure out the current one for a long time.


6. Attention to the Details

Look into everything very carefully. There are times when the smallest detail can be the key to the next clue. Making sure you don’t miss anything and checking some places twice if you feel stuck is important.


If you use these preparatory steps along with the methods you will use during the game, you will have a better chance of having a successful and fun time in an escape room. Have fun, and good luck!