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What Do You Do in Puzzle Games? | Elite Escape Games

The number of people playing escape puzzle games has recently grown. These games let players feel the thrill of getting through tough situations and solving difficult puzzles. To do well in these games, you need to be able to think quickly, work with others, and pay close attention to details. 

But how do escape puzzle games work? 


What Are These Puzzle Escape Games?

Escape puzzle games are a type of puzzle game where players have to solve a number of puzzles and complete challenges to move forward in the game and finally get out of a locked room or situation. When you play these games and do things like solve problems, work together, and handle your time, you have an exciting and fully immersive experience.

More and more changes have been made to escape puzzle games over the years. Text-based adventure games like “Behind Closed Doors” and point-and-click adventure games were the first games that inspired escape games. 

Since then, escape games have grown into a famous genre that includes not only digital games but also real escape rooms and even tabletop versions. 

When escape rooms first became famous in the early 2000s, it was a big deal. This happened because it got more people interested in the genre and made room for harder and more interesting escape puzzle games.


Why Escape Puzzle Games Are So Popular

People like to play escape puzzle games for many different reasons. Players are given chances to stimulate their minds by being asked to think critically and try to answer difficult problems. These games are also great for easing stress because they make people forget about their problems for a while while they are playing. 

Escape puzzle games are very fun and give players a unique and interesting experience that makes them want to keep coming back for more.


Types of Escape Puzzle Games

There are a lot of different types of escape puzzle games, and each one does something different to keep players interested and pushed.


Physical Escape Rooms

The point of real-life escape rooms is to give players a realistic experience where they have to solve problems and complete tasks to get out of a locked room within a certain amount of time.


Digital Escape Games

Digital escape games let people play in virtual worlds where they have to solve problems and get out of different situations. These games can be played on computers or mobile devices.


Tabletop Escape Games

Tabletop escape games are board games that make you feel like you’re in an escape room. Puzzles and other jobs must be completed in these games in order for the player to “escape” the game.

It’s important to know the basic rules and strategies for each type of escape puzzle game before you start playing. When you first start, it’s important to start with games that are easier and work your way up to games that are harder. Practice is very important if you want to get better at a lot of different escape puzzle games.


Interesting Escape Puzzle Games and What Makes Them Unique

At Elite Escape Games, players can find a wide range of unique features and levels of difficulty in escape puzzle games. Here are some of our escape games:


Escape Area 51

To complete the task in Escape Area 51, you have sixty minutes to get into one of the world’s secure black sites and find out what it’s hiding. Sneaking around, solving puzzles, and quick thinking are all important parts of the game’s gameplay that make it very difficult.



It will take you to an ancient island in Dinosauria, and your job is to find and keep DNA samples safe before they are lost forever. You have only one hour to finish your mission and call the helicopter for evacuation at the same time. This game is a crazy race against time.



You will be up against the famous bad guy called “Loco-Motive” in Derailed. He has taken over a subway train and set it on fire with explosives. Your team needs to use their best detective skills to find and disarm the device within sixty minutes. Only then can the hostages be saved and more damage be avoided.


 dinosaur-themed escape room

Escape Puzzle Games for all Ages

No matter the age, everyone can enjoy playing escape puzzle games. 



The concept behind kids escape puzzle games is to help kids learn how to solve problems and work together in a fun and educational way.



A lot of different escape puzzle games are available for adults to enjoy, from simple digital games to difficult real rooms that test their creativity and intelligence.



Remembering things and keeping your mind sharp are often the main goals of escape puzzle games made for older people. Most of the time, these games provide options that are both hard and accessible.

When choosing an escape puzzle game, you should think about a lot of things, such as your interests, your level of skill, and the type of task you like. People who have never played before might start with easier digital games, while people who have played before might like more difficult real escape rooms.


Tips on How to Get Better at the Escape Puzzle Game

If you want to get better at escape puzzle games, you will have to play them more and be patient. Some ideas to help you get healthy are listed below:

  • Make sure you practice a lot; the more you play, the better you’ll get.
  • Learn from other people. You can ask people who have tried for some tips, watch tutorials, or join online groups to learn new strategies.
  • Remember to be patient and persistent. Even though some tasks can be hard, sticking with them pays off.

With new technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), the future of escape puzzle games looks bright and full of possibilities. These technologies make it possible for puzzle-solving games to be both immersive and interactive.


Have Fun and Stay Sharp With Elite Escape Games Today!

Escape puzzle games are a great way to entertain yourself, keep your mind sharp, and relax. No matter if you’re trying to get into Area 51, find DNA from dinosaurs, or defuse a bomb on a subway train, escape puzzle games are always fun and have a lot of benefits. 

So, the next time you want to pass the time or push yourself, you should check out Elite Escape Games with your friends and family, and start solving them!